Make Time for Your Life

Do you have time for your life? The majority of Americans are stressed out over not having enough time. "TIME POVERTY" is now a pandemic in our society. Most of our precious time is spent doing tasks that have to be done rather than what we want to do. My purpose is to do them for you and liberate your time and energy for what is important to you.

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When you think of McShane Concierge,
think Time Freedom


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Mission Statement

To empower clients’ to create a balanced, rich, and more meaningful life for themselves and their families by eliminating time poverty, thus allowing them to spend their precious time focusing on what matters most.

McShane Concierge…..

∙ Liberates time for you by effectively performing your   “to do” list
∙ Provides assistance with a wide variety of projects   or tasks
∙ Offers creative solutions
∙ Alleviates the stress of being overcommitted and   restores balance to your life
∙ Accomplishes your tasks and errands with   expediency, cost-efficiency and excellence

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