Make Time for your Core Values

What Are Your Core Values?

These can include spending quality time with family, pursuing hobbies, engaging in spiritual practices, participating in leadership and community service activities, lifelong learning, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now think about how much of your day you spend on activities that are congruent with your core values. If you’re like most busy people then the answer is probably “not enough.” Living a life that is not congruent with your core values often leads to discontent.

Now imagine what your life would look like when most of your activities are consistent with your core values. What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be with? Would your work performance increase? Would your stress level decrease? Would your life have more purpose?
I offer you a solution. Let me efficiently run your errands and perform all the tasks you need done so you may have TIME FREEDOM to do the things that matter most!

What would YOU rather do??

1. Saturday afternoon TO DO'S without my assistance

  • cleaners
  • grocery shopping
  • wait for repair personnel
  • post office
  • oil change/car wash

2. Saturday afternoon TO DO'S with my assistance

  • travel
  • watch the game
  • play golf
  • spend time with family/friends
  • dinner and movie
McShane Concierge golfing image

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